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Mango wood comes from the mango tree which was originally a native plant to India, but which has spread all around the world and is grown in areas where warmer tropical conditions suit it. India is still by far the biggest producer of mango wood and much of the great looking mango table furniture listed here on Mango Table is sourced from there.
Mango wood is a hard, dense timber which lends itself very well to furniture products and other home accessories. It is usually also a sustainable resource as mango trees are generally replanted once they have been taken down, and of course there is the added benefit that they produce the delicious mango fruit. Indeed in its mature years a mango tree will stop producing fruits and it is normally at this stage when the tree is taken down and its wood used for a variety of things, such as furniture.
Mango wood exhibits a stunning grain which can range in colour including mild yellows and greens, but predominantly browns. It is often finished with a natural product such as bees wax which brings out its natural beauty to produce some fantastic furniture, such as that listed here.